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  • Riserva Val Rosandra / Dolina Glinscica
  • Riserva Val Rosandra / Dolina Glinscica
  • Riserva Val Rosandra / Dolina Glinscica

The beautiful Val Rosandra - Dolina Glinščice, today a Nature Reserve, is located in the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle - Občina Dolina, a few kilometres from Trieste, right on the border with Slovenia. The area is of considerable natural interest, known for its rich variety of plant and animal species, the presence of surface karst phenomena and numerous caves. An excursion into the reserve also offers the opportunity to discover the history of these places with numerous archaeological sites dating back to prehistoric and Roman times.

In the protected area there are numerous paths of different lengths, suitable for everyone, and in the vicinity of the Reserve there are many refreshment points (osmize, agriturismi -holiday farms) where you can taste and buy local produce (oil, wine, etc.).


Ufficio gestione Riserva naturale
della Val Rosandra Dolina Glinščice

Dolina, 270
34018 - San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina (TS)
tel. +39 040 8329238
tel. +39 040 8329253
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