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The Commons - Srenje

The term "srenje" refers to Commons or civil parishes of autochthonous inhabitants who independently manage, preserve and enjoy common property.

They arose all over Europe under different names (Regole in Veneto, Comunelle in Istria, Allmende in Switzerland, Mir in Russia, Jus on the Karst, Gemeinde in German). They were the complement to the organisation of rural villages: the tilled land was individually owned, the pastureland and forests collectively owned. They are extremely important for the Dolina area because they have been able to look after their land over the centuries, improving it where possible and preserving its natural characteristics: if this work had not been done, the Val Rosandra-Dolina Glinščice Nature Reserve would today have nothing to protect.

The Osmize

An essential stop after a walk along the trails in the area is to try typical local products in an Osmiza. Bunches of branches placed at crossroads and junctions guide people to where they are and indicate that they are open. At an Osmiza you can order good local wine and cold home-made dishes such as cold meats, cheeses, vegetables in oil and vinegar. The origin of Osmiza dates back to the time of Empress Maria Theresa, who in 1784 authorised farmers to serve and sell wine for a period of 8 days. Hence the name Osmiza, from the Slovenian word "osmica" or osem (eight).

Village Festivals

From spring to autumn, many festivals take place in the villages of the municipality. Almost every weekend it is possible to take part in a village festival offering food, drinks and traditional music. The festivals are organised by local associations either to celebrate a particular time of year or for the patron saint of the village.

The oldest of these is the Majenca in Dolina, a unique festival celebrated in the first week of May. The symbol of the Majenca is the Maj (a cherry tree grafted onto a 15-metre-high fir pole, a symbol of fertility), a clear reference to abundance. Various exhibitions and competitions are organised to mark the occasion, with local artists and winegrowers exhibiting their products.