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Wildlife Plan of Val Rosandra Nature Reserve - Dolina Glinščice

The regulations on the management of fauna in the Reserve and those on agricultural, silvicultural (forestry) and pasture management, as well as the prohibitions that may affect the fauna in the area, are currently contained in the Reserve Regulations (Decree of the President of the Region no. 376 of 27 October 2005). These rules are structured in compliance with Article 18 of Regional Law 42/96. According to art. 6 (Wildlife management) of the Regulation, any actions regarding wildlife must be carried out according to the multiannual plan for the conservation, improvement and development of the fauna heritage (i.e. the Wildlife Plan) as indicated in article. 36, paragraph 2, of regional law 42/96, proposed by the managing body; the Plan, once drawn up, must be assessed by the Technical-Scientific Committee for Parks and Reserves as provided for by article. 8 of R.L. 42/96.

Also the management of the aquatic life and the sport fishing activities are regulated yearly by the Ente Tutela Pesca (Fish Conservation Agency) of Friuli-Venezia Giulia according to the Plan itself, in agreement with the Managing Authority. The managing body ascertains, through the multi-year wildlife management plan, any possible ecological imbalance related to wildlife and takes the appropriate measures to rebalance the situation.