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Vertikala (4)

San Lorenzo/Jezero - Monte Stena - Bottazzo/Botač -  Socerb - Dolga Krona

(approx 4/5 hours, suitable fo all, some tough stretches. Non-circular path; can also be started at the Visitor's Centre.)

Footpath marked by the Slovenian Alpine Association of Trieste - SPDT, running between the mountains and the hills along Italo-Slovenian border, in the area inhabited bz Italy's Slovenian minority.

The vertikala is marked by blue and white circular signs. The vertikala enters Val Rosandra - Dolina Glinščice near the lookout at San Lorenzo - Jezero, continues below Draški Kras, runs up Mount Stena, descent to Bottazzo - Botač and on the opposite slope climbs to the church of Santa Maria in Siaris, descending once more to the other side of Valle della Suha under the rock faces named after the Slovenian mountaineer and philosopher Jug (1889 - 1924).

The path then follows on to the crest. At junction, you can reach Socerb by following the signs to the castle. The vertikala path is marked as far as Muggia.